Exposed to the Conference

Dale, The Warm-up man for Keynotes


“His presentation is a wild, uninhibited, fast-moving experience that put a smile on the faces of the advertising team.” -Brad Hanahan, Daily Herald 


An appearance by Dale is the perfect way to energize the crowd and set an enthusiastic, upbeat tone for the Keynote Speaker.  Dale’s energetic confidence spills into the audience warming up the audience creating that late night talk show reaction that you want for your Keynote Speaker.

Exposed to the Conference will engage the audience and establish a connection that makes them laugh, clap, raise a hand that gives the audience the “OK” to engage the speaker.

Once the audience is:

  • loose
  • mentally engaged
  • physical ready to participate

the audience is ready to accept the keynote speakers message.

Why is this important?

A Keynote Speaker who is slow or fails to connect with the audience reflects directly on the conference. The mood, tempo, and energy of the conference starts with the Keynote. Too often the Keynote Speaker is introduced by a committee member who focuses on reading a bio and not warming up the audience.

Exposed to the Conference presentation:

  • Encourages Laughter
  • Visual Stimulating
  • Activates Audience Active Listen Skills
  • Brand of Conference Name
  • Brands a #Hashtag
  • Is the appetizer before the main course.

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