Helping You Play Bigger

Playing bigger then you thought possible.  Its a reality, you have to face.

“Prior to TEDx I was a corporate drone – a consultant working 75+ hours a week for large corporations. Shortly after my first TEDx talks, one of my clients hired me to do a talk for a large sales meeting. They paid a 5 figure fee for a 45-minute talk. After the talk, 3 people hired me on the spot to do the same. I ended up doing it 19 times that year but my employer kept all the proceeds. So I gave notice and went out on my own 2 years ago. Now I work when I want to, where I want to. I will do about 75 speaking gigs all over the world this year, meeting C-level execs from amazing companies, being feted, wining, dining and being thanked for sharing stories and frameworks that help people make a change. Perhaps the best of all is the feedback I receive afterward -that people make meaningful changes in their lives. ” –  John K. Coyle


Make sure you have watched, Power Of A TEDx Speaker

Running Time  9:36

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