“Seizing the Day”

I guess I new at an early age I wanted to make people laugh. When I first thought about “Seizing the Day”, I thought of my moments in business and on stage, where seizing the day was critical to success. But, those were not the memories that popped to life in my head.  Spending time with my parents who are now deceased, the special moments with my wife, and holding my kids for the first time and realizing, “I’m responsible for more than myself”. It wasn’t about seizing the day, it was about seizing the moment.  An instant in time, preserved in our mind.

As I thought deeper into the topic “enhance a life or better yet, the world”, none of these moments enhanced other peoples lives. It was all about me.  Until, I looked into my son’s eyes.  I realized, “I seize the day, every day, when I’m with my children.” I’m seizing the opportunity to teach them, guide them, and nurture their wellbeing.

Parents around the world are seizing the day right at this moment. And with each frustrating moment, side-splitting adventure, a child learns. Right or wrong, good or bad, greed vs. charity; whatever the day entailed was captured and its effect will be felt for years to come.