10 People who have Tarnished their Public Image

Public Image: The Good, Bad, and Ugly – Do you know these people by their tarnished image?

Public Image Good, Bad, and the Ugly

1)      Take a picture of private parts and store them on a computer that has access to the Internet.

2)      Frantically trashing a hotel room while looking for your wallet and cell phone, after you have been partying with a prostitute.

3)      Predicting the day of Rapture and when it passes, said you “miscalculated”.

4)      Actually lip sinking on national TV and not admitting to it when audio stops  you instantly break into river dancing.

5)      Shave your head and hold up a picture of the Pope on National TV, and say “Fight the real enemy!” and then tear the picture.

6)      While performing make the statement, “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

7)      Running a dog-fighting ring in your back yard.

8)      Have a gorgeous wife, child and a reputation of being a clean cut person, but have over 20 mistresses.

9)      Not verifying the facts before announces to the world that the leading GOP candidate’s military record is false.

10)   Publicly retiring from professional sports, then come out of retirement  -move to another team, retire, then come out of retirement again, just to play against the team that you retired from in the beginning.

Actions are linked to your image, so don’t make the mistake that these people have done in their career and tarnish your public image.

1)      Anthony Weiner, Congressman

2)      Charlie Sheen, Movie & TV Star

3)      Harold Camping, Christian Radio Broadcaster

4)      Ashlee Simpson, Musician

5)      Sinead O’Connor, Musician

6)      Dixie Chicks, Musicians

7)      Michael Vick, Professional Football Player

8)      Tiger Woods, Professional Golfer

9)      Dan Rather, TV News Anchor

10)   Brett Favre, Professional Football Player