50% of Multitasking is Failure

Multitasking became a hot buzzword in the 1980’s and into the 90’s speared on by Microsoft windows operating system.  Businesses quickly latched onto the saying “multitasking”. Multitasking is simultaneous performances of two or more tasks. If your simultaneously doing two things at once, like responding to the boss’s email while watching your 2-year old – I can guarantee a 50% failure.

Have you tried working at home and watching the kids at the same time?  If you have; you know constant interruptions drain your creative energy and focus. It takes longer for you to complete the task at hand. You prioritize which task is more important and give that effort more attention and let the other slip. Translations, you’re going to be yelling at the kids in a couple minutes.

In school 50% is failing.  If fact, there’s an expression called “doing it half-assed” translation only halfway.  So leave the multitasking to computers and people who want to fail 50% of the time.  Focus on the job at hand and give it 100%.  Eliminating multitasking will improve  your work, reduce stress, and make it easier for you to reach your goals.