Who’s Dale

Dale Obrochta is an experienced writer and professional corporate entertainer who encourages employees to revitalize their lives, minds, and bodies effortlessly using simple logic.  His blog, The Motivational Image Enhancer, focuses on how to improve oneself smartly and effortlessly.  As a professional entertainer, entrepreneur, motivator, and business owner, he understands image perception from an individual and corporate perspective. Moreover, how these images project to the world. He helps individuals and employees enhance and improve their business image. His expertise is personal, and business knowledge is constantly expanding.

The history of the man and his company

In 2010 Dale started working with corporations on an image.  The focus was to use his comedic balloon art and proven business strategies to illustrate how a business’s image communicates to customers and prospective customers. Drawing on his years of experience as an educator, entertainer, and entrepreneur, he addresses the issue of understanding how your image is communicated in business and life.

The winding road of success started in 1988, as Dale, a young entrepreneur, earned his BA with a concentration in Management Information Systems. Dale’s first ambitions were to seek out and conquer the computer world. This inspiring young dreamer educated and trained corporate America to increase production by using computers and software.  His endeavors led to the birth of DEO Consulting, Inc in 1988.

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The young entrepreneur was fascinated with juggling and was encouraged to perform locally, which fueled a passion for entertaining before long. Dale was performing professionally in Chicago as Magical Balloon-dude Dale.

Realizing the Internet would be the critical communication outlet for businesses, Dale earned a Masters’s Degree in Communication and Training in 2000.

Over the years, Dale has worked as an independent computer consultant, college instructor, Webmaster, and professional entertainer.

In 2008 Dale entered the world of blogging. Dale’s blog centers on the balloon entertainment industry, events, and his personal entertainment experiences. He then launched GrandOpeningHelp.com, which educates entrepreneurs on the art of creating a successful grand opening, and TradeShowEntertainer.Blogspot.com, which provides firsthand knowledge to businesses about trade show exhibiting. Dale regularly writes about images and life on his website UndertandingYourImage.com.