Annoying Me to Take Action

Little things in life we will put off until they annoy the _______ out of us, and then we correct the problem.

The other day I was working in the yard and rock worked its way into my shoe.  I procrastinated and opted to do the famous shoe tap trick.  I would tap the tip of my shoe into the ground to move the annoying rock to a comfort zone.

Minutes later, the spiked bolder is now imbedding itself into my foot.  Again procrastination occurs and I go back to the toe tapping. This happen another 5 to 6 more times before I get annoyed to the point that I have to take off my show, dump out the stone, and the problem is resolved.  The solution took seconds to fix, but I procrastinated and allowed that stone to impale me several times.

Procrastination can be solved my merely doing a task.  Most tasks are small in nature, but we allow them to become boulders that obstruct our peace of mind. Brush the boulders out of your way instantly and go on with life.