Are we so different?

Spend a minute on Facebook and you will see views and ideas that contradict your beliefs and values. Yet, we are drawn in to this vortex, seeking out “old friends” that remind us about days gone past.  We have a vivid memory of these people in our head. We can recall all the silliness and crazy adventures we experienced as a youth. We stare at their pictures and say to ourselves “I hope I look better than they do” or worse yet, “Man, they haven’t aged at all.”

Time and memories play an important part in our lives.  We hurry through time to create memories, and then we waste time trying to relive these memories online.

Instead of racing through time, take a minute to really absorb what you have in the present, remember the past, but live life for today, not yesterday. Time has made us different, but we all have one memory that connects us all.