Back From Fishing

dalefish(1)Wouldn’t it be relaxing if you could just put up a sign that reads “Gone Fishing”? Put the world on hold, stop to look at the clouds passing overhead, no longer needing to look at a Facebook status. Just relaxing and enjoying the moment.

I have two little boys and, periodically, I have to STOP, and ENJOY. I cannot constantly worry about work, bills, taxes, and status updates. If I do not stop and enjoy, the best things in life will pass me by.

So if you have not taken a break in a while, take one. I did – it has been six months since I posted my last blog. The world did not end like the Mayan calendar, lives went on, and guess what? I am back, focused, and ready to take on more tasks.

So my tip for today is…take a break. Enjoy life, live, laugh…and improve your well-being.