Come Take a Journey with Me

ITalkDEO place for Toastmasters, speakers and beginner to improve their public speaking

If you are starting a new project and wanted to tell the world, you may find yourself like me tweeting, posting, go live, email blasting, and now blogging about your new project. Passionate and self-absorbed with tunnel vision eye goggles on, you would only see the finish line, yet the finish line is only the starting line for a year-long project. That is the journey I’m embracing this year, and I hope you will embark on this journey with me.

The newly created YouTube channel iTalkDEO is dedicated to public speaking. Public speaking is a passion of mine from the early years as a corporate/college instructor to the present as a professional entertainer. My journey is to share examples of speaking techniques, tips, and strategies on how to enhance your communication while mixing in balloon entertainment.

Along the journey, I give examples on:

  • Fingers as bullet pointsTweet to Toastmasters
  • Hand gestures
  • Eye contact, Voice inflection
  • Pause
  • Movement for a purpose
  • Opening statement
  • Closing statement
  • Dialog
  • You focus
  • Props
  • Body movement
  • Inner dialog
  • Varied speech rate
  • Word selection
  • Facial expression
  • Goals and organization
  • Transitions
  • Using Acronym’s
  • Jargon
  • Supporting Points
  • Visual aids
  • Logical reasoning
  • Storytelling
  • Using notes
  • Grammar
  • Topic relevant to the audience
  • Understanding & expressing audience feelings
  • Using quotes
  • Character development
  • Writing speakers directions into a script

Like an amusement park guide map that directs you to your new adventure, I’ll be guiding you through the techniques of public speaking. No packing, Malaria shots, or international passports required on this journey. All that is required is a click of a mouse button to subscribe. After that, sit back and enjoy the adventure into the world of public speaking with me, your friend, your colleague, and social media friend Dale Obrochta.

Speaking Tips ToastmastersThe Journey starts Feb 7th, so subscribe today and start your adventure with me.