Confidence is the ability to do…

ConfidentIn school, kids would mock me, “It’s easy”, you always say, “it’s easy”. For me school was not easy, but I always felt I could achieve anything. I was confident, I did not need a mental block of say “It’s hard, and I cannot do it.” I just did it, right or wrong, I did it.

This out word confidence allowed me to move between the clicks at school. I was not a leader, follower, or expert, I was the guy that did his best and most people would respect me for that ability.

I did not realize that being confident was shaping my image. Over the years, people expect me to be the one that steps up and goes for it. I walk into a room and make eye contact with those around me. My confidence allows me to communicate to all ages, does not matter the subject, we are all human and have something in common, even if it breathing air, we all do it.

When I was a child, the family would go to the mall and the lady folks would shop. Dad and I would watch people. Now this was back before cell phones and you would be surprised how many people walk with their heads down. They are hiding from the world, not making eye contact, and just from physical appearance look unsure of themselves.

Confidence must start within. Hold your head up when you walk, look strangers in the eye and give them a smile. People are drawn to confident people and once you build up your confidence people will perceive you as a leader. You may not be, but compared to them… you are.