Customer Service

You have a vision
We have a way to get you there.

 Only if . . .

  • Customer service was like basic math, 2+2=4. No variables, just a simple answer.
  • HR only hired employees with excellent customer service skills.
  • Customer service knowledge was genetically inherited and was passed on from generation to generation. Then it would be common sense to everyone.
  • Customers would stop being so needy and give us money and go away.
  • Management would understand, this is only a part-time job; it’s not my career.

 The reality is . . .

  • Customer service is all variables, with a few constant factors.
  • Customer relations skills are low on my people’s priority.
  • Money, education, and career advancement are priorities.
  • Customer relation skills are a learned process.
  • Better customer relationship leads to loyal customers.

Customer service trainer, Dale ObrochtaDale has been on the front lines as a professional entertainer who deals directly with the general public. “When you have to tell a mom her kid cannot get a free balloon – look out! You better have your customer service face on,” says Obrochta.

Early in his career, Obrochta learned customer relationship is what makes or breaks a company. “You need not only know how to deliver great B2B service but understand the complexity of a B2C relationship,” comments Obrochta.

The BIG Promise

I’m here to work with you on building a customer service program that fits your needs.

It all about you and our staff, not my ego or my degree.

I want you to succeed, and I’m here to give you the best program I can offer.

Together we can make your vision of customer service a reality.

The Twisted Art of Customer Service focuses on

  • Importance of a Name
  • Enhancing listening skills
  • Reading and emulating body language
  • Maintaining a positive and courteous attitude
  • Understanding the tone when responding to a question
  • Establishing rapport and building relationships
  • Building a business culture that reflects excellent customer service

5-stars “This was a fun, informative workshop that taught life lessons on how to improve the customer service process.  My communication skills have been enhanced in dealing with staff and the general public.”  Director of Parks & Recreation. Thomas Landek – Bridgeview Park District.