Eye Opening Stats

Ineffective Communication
Equals Ineffective Sales

Having all the communication tools in the world doesn’t make you a great communicator, unless you know what and how your message is being communicated.

Not Listening  Effects  Profit

Communicating clearly and listening effectively are the key building blocks of loyal relationships. – –JoAnna Brandi, author of Building Customer Loyalty

Inexperienced broker fail to understand the W.A.I.T  (Why Am I Talking) principle and need to listen. Thus, fully grasping their clients real desires that meet their needs.

Increasing Pay By 10%

A two percent retention rate is equivalent to cutting your sales costs by ten percent. – –Jerry Hocutt, Hocutt and Associates, Inc.

Not using social medial effectively in communicate with clients hinders building relationship or loyalty with customers.

Bad Experience or Misunderstanding
Leads To Bad Business

Customers base their decisions on the satisfaction of their emotional needs as well as their business needs. – ~Dale Carnegie

Having proper communication channels in place reduces clients stress so all their needs both emotional and business can be met.

Create An Unpoppable Real Estate Image

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