Facebook Landing Page Brands Your Image

Are you branding your image to Facebook like the big boys are doing?

You have a Facebook fan page like many companies do, but are you marketing to your audience? Corporations spend millions of dollars to brand their product and hire some of the best web designers money can buy to create cool websites that include product branding. Smart companies are taking their unique branding to Facebook and creating customized Facebook landing pages.

Taking your message to Facebook doesn’t require highly technical skills, just some basic knowledge of html, and being able to do a little research on Facebook Landing Page and you too can brand your image to your fan page on Facebook.

Let’s look at some cool corporate Facebook landing pages;

Mountain Dew Going for the high energy teenager, skateboards, and music loving teenage demographics. They refer to themselves as the creative community. They understand that their customers love to skateboard and drink Mountain Dew.

The Kiss rock band opens with a picture of the four band members in full Kiss costume with flames roaring behind them. They have imbedded in the image a fan count boasting over 2-million Facebook fans. They allow you to click on the wall, follow on twitter or go to the official fan page website. Kiss is no slacker when it comes to marketing and more companies should seriously look at their marketing material.

Not being left out you’ll even find Sears has developed a landing page. Yes, the store that’s been around since 1929 as a mail order catalog, has a Facebook landing page. The retail giant knows the holidays are upon us and are advertising $1,000 to $2,500 weekly gift cards for those who become Facebook fans. Looking to improve your mailing list?  Look at Sears’s landing page and see how they are collecting information.  It’s a great way to collect marketing information.

Some companies are using their product as their Facebook fan page.  If you do a search you will see that XBOX has its own fan page. Guess what they are promoting – the Kinect, for the Xbox 360. Since this is a new product, they are allowing you to sign up for news and updates about the product.  I wonder how many gamers, game reviewers, and news organization are getting their information from this page.

Yes, I the Motivational Image Enhancer have a Facebook Landing Page – which I created.  Took me 3-days to build the graphics, build the page, and get everything running, but I did it myself.

Take your image to Facebook and brand your product or service to the Facebook community.   Do it today and become just like the major players in the advertising world.

Other interesting Facebook landing pages are:

If you have a Facebook landing page that you would like to share, please do, I would love to see it.  Also, please pass this article on to your marketing group so the can star banding your image on