Find Your Role and Take Action

Down on the court, the action is intensive, you are happy you arrived early to get a good seat. Focusing all energy on the event you are willing to; ignore your buzzing cell phone, forget the family, empty your mind — nothing is going to distract you from this event.  You look around and you think “suckers” should have arrived earlier and you would be sitting in my seat.  These aren’t real fans; these are the Johnny-come-lately’s who are here just to take up space and say “they were here”.

This is the mindset of a corporate executive who lives and breathes for his corporate idea. Unlike a sports fan who has very little invested into a team, the executive has his career, reputation, and his dreams on the line.  This meeting is not about wasting time, it is about strategically planning to conquer the competition and rule the industry.

Like any professional sports team, you can have the greatest of athletes leading you, but unless you’re a contributor you are not going to succeed.  Define what your role is in the company and excel at that position, encourage others to improve, and stride to be a leader.  After all, this is not a sporting event, this is your career.