Goals they are Achievable, YOU CAN do It!

Planning and Implementing Your Goals

Goal planning by nature is the first understanding of what you want to do and how are you going to get there.  Early in my entertainment career, I studied all aspects of variety entertainment.  I was a juggler, magician, clown, balloon artist, decorator, stilt-walker, unicycle rider, and bullwhip artist.  Each skill took many hours of practice and came with its own costs.  You would not believe how expensive professional juggling and magic equipment is when you’re first starting out.

One day, I was talking with a professional juggler, which I have known for years, and am an admirer of made a profound statement that changed my professional career.  He said “You’re a Jack of all trades, Master of none.” Wow.  Talk about summing up an entertainment career in a way that nobody will ever remember.

Changing my Career Goal and implementing a new Plan of Action

I didn’t want to be just a Jack of all trades; I want to be a Master of Something.  So, I thought about it for awhile and looked at the things I loved about entertaining.  I love making people laugh, the attention one gets when standing in front of a crowd.  I’m creative, so the entertainment media must be creative in nature.  So after some soul searching and thinking, I focused my skills on balloon entertaining.

The first process to achieving a goal is to analysis what you want to achieve. My goal was to become a Master balloon entertainer.  I then needed a way to achieve these skills.  The best way to achieve any skill is to immerse yourself into the field and surround yourself with knowledgeable and experienced people.   In the beginning, I wrote my goals down on paper and had it attached to my desk with a dollar amount that I would like to make the first year of entertaining.  I had my road map!

Maintain Momentum to help create a Roadmap for Success

I practiced my craft and worked with some of the best entertainers in Chicago.  I built lines of communication on the Internet to meet others who shared my passion for balloon entertaining.  Their quest to learn more motivated me to push my skills further, until they looked at me as being an expert in my field.  Their positive views drove me to see my goal as achievable.

Don’t let Mediocrity be your Finish Line

Focus on what you want to achieve, you don’t have to be everything, just really good at one thing and people will seek you out.  Focus in on the areas YOU dream of improving, rather than trying to do/be/become what others except you to become.  When distracted by the white noise of the day, pause to remind yourself of what is important – and allow the dream to become an achievable reality.