Good Enough for Government Work

Have you personally evaluated your work lately? Would you rank yourself as below average, average, above average, outstanding or good enough for government work? Do you arrive on time, complete projects,  socialize with co-workers, and do what is expected.  This was me when I was younger and when my boss evaluated me I received a satisfactory review.  Discouraged by this, I talked with a family member who was an executive at a fortune 500 company.  “If you’re doing exactly what your job description requires, then you’re doing average work” he told me.

Professional contractor Mike Holmes of Make it Right, HGTV repeatedly says, “Building a house to code is the minimal requirement”.  When you watch the show and see how Holmes takes that one extra step, adds an extra ½ inch of installation to a basement or uses screws instead of nails, you think to yourself, “I want this guy to build my house.”

If you are running a business you are looking for people who do more than minimal requirements, but take it that one step farther to ensure their idea, project or work to meet a higher requirement.  The extra effort and awareness to details will make you sought after business person.  So don’t be average or do it to code.  Exceed expectations and become outstanding.