Google Your Image

What is your Reputation According to Google?

Have you recently Googled your Name, email address, or company name lately? You may be pleasantly surprised or horrified at the results of your reputation. I once knew a professional entertainer who posted in a forum, “Why do my balloons keep popping.”  When they Googled their name that was the first listing on Google.  Not what you want your clients to see.

At the top of the search engines are social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter  all displaying your contract information.  Employees and job seekers are finding out very quickly how easy it is for employers pry into your activities.

Search for your email address and you get all the communities associated with your email address. Retrieved is every post, complaint, accolade, you’ve written over the years for all to see.  The key to a good image on the Internet is associate your name, company or email address with positive information. This may require publishing more information about you, but this way search engines can find current information which rises to the top of the page.