Holiday Pictures

Camera, Holidays, and Image

It’s that time of year when cameras are clicking and silliness is bountiful. We are only human, we want to participate in the fun.  The cool Halloween costume which may be too revealing or politically incorrect, or a picture taken perfectly to catch our eyes partially open, mouth open in mid sentence, and your body language looking like you’ve been hit by a car.

Unless you’re being stalked by paparazzi who are hiding behind a garbage can, waiting to catch that perfect compromising picture, it’s up to you to make sure your picture is properly taken.  I don’t know of any photographer who is looking to take a bad picture, so it is up to the person being photographed to monitor their image.

If pictures are being taken, expect to be in at least one if not more.  Quickly observe your surroundings and look for anything that may be inappropriate.  If you’re standing next to a naked statue or suggestive painting, relocate to a better area.  Put the drink out of the pictures view; straighten up your appearance prior to the photo.  Ask the photographer, “How do I look?” After all they want a nice picture, otherwise why would they be taking it?

Where the picture winds up or on what social media website is always questionable, so it is up to you to pay attention to who is taking the picture.  If they’re using a camera you can assume the picture will be uploaded later, if it is a camera phone, then pictures can be loaded as soon as they are taken.  Don’t forget to ask to see the picture, if it is really bad, ask to delete it and take another.  It’s that simple.

Hopefully, if it is not a flattering picture it will travel the way of this diagram.  If not, it’s your fault for not managing your image.