How to Achieve Your Goals Without Failing

Self motivation, the pledge or self promise is the hardest goal for people to achieve.  Typical failures are getting into better shape, losing weight, spending more time with the family, and stop smoking.  The fault lies in the premise that the individual will be able to motivate themselves through the entire process to achieve their goal.  Very few people have the mental stamina, the creativity, or fully understanding what motivates them and will fail.

Organization like AA, weight loss centers, drug rehab facilities, and personal trainers have learned that without a support mechanism to help keep the individual motivated and on track, they will digress back into their old habits making it harder to self motivate the individual after failing to achieve their goals.

Become a winner in self motivation by telling the world what you are looking to achieve. Building a support group to keep you motivated in today’s society is easy with social networking.  Facebook is the largest social network and freely available.  The one setback is you need to publicly state what you want to achieve.  If you want to stop smoking, become the best salesmen, improve your business, you are publicly going to have to admit a weakness and you are willing to tell your Facebook support group to help you achieve your goal.

Set a goal. A goal is what you want to accomplish – it’s the finish line.  What you need to do is address the steps it takes to achieve the goal.  Develop a time table with steps.  Then ask your Facebook community to help with the process.  If I want to improve upon something – ask “Has anybody read anything online, newspaper or magazine that can help me do ______”.  You will find many of your friends willing to guide you to key information that will help you.  People subconsciously like to relay success stories and many people will openly tell you how they have succeeded and will give tips on how you can do it too.

Keys to being Self Motivated

  1. Define what you want to improve or change
  2. Create steps to get to the final goal
  3. Publicly state your objective
  4. Request social network to assist in helping you reach your goal
  5. Ask community to keep you motivated
  6. Encourage other successful candidates assistance
  7. Don’t rely just on yourself to achieve the goal – allow others to help