Images they are Amusing

Stop, look around and take in the images people are presenting to the world.  You have the young reality want-a-bee with pants hanging down and looking all cool, dark shades on, while in the building.   The fashion diva in her 6-inch pumps strutting around like she is the queen and all must move out of her way.  The businessmen who just arrived from the office still in full suit and tie looking confused, but already has an alcoholic drink in hand. The man wearing the blazer from the 1970’s with the pattern of the Budweiser logo all over it. The ladies who strategically fit their shirts to show off their assets and their counterpart looked like a Physicist from the Big Bang Theory.

The international family who’s grasps of the English language is better than native born residences. Teens who feel the tighter the clothes the better they look or the guy sporting the NFL shirt while attending a NBA playoff game.

I cannot forget the fanatic with the red Mohawk hair dressed in sports attire.  These are just some of the images I observed while performing at the United Center for game 5 of the Chicago Bulls playoffs.  I know why I’m dressed like I am, but looking around, I see many amusing and interesting images.