Improving Self-Image through Positive Thoughts

Perky Coworker vs Drama Queen –
Which stimulates positive thoughts?

Have you ever considered that your positive thoughts shape how others see you, react to you and thus create your self-image? Perky people are positive people who like bright colors and are willing to engage everyone and anyone in a lively conversation. They see the good in everything and sometimes labeled “goodie two-shoes” by those with negative personality.

Negative personalities relish in others failures; they seek out the car crashes, failed relationships, and gossip news. Negative people are the worrywarts and drama queens and everything revolves around them and their emotions, ideas, and their life.

Let’s treat our mind like our body and feed it with healthy food. Fill your minds with positive thoughts, images, ideas and people. This positive information will improve your health and attitude, but also the consumption of “healthy” positive information will be communicated to others though body language, personality and topic of discussion with coworkers.

Why not start today, digest more positive information and allowing the metamorphism to start and enhance your self-image to the positive forces.