Is Disarray your middle name this week?

Learn to control the feeling of disarray and you’ll sleep better at night.

Ever have the illusion that everything is moving 100 mph an hour and the more you try to do the less you accomplish? You try your best, but you feel in disarray?

When this occurs, I found that focusing on one task, normally a project that can be completed. Such as cleaning off my desk, straightening up the kitchen, tasks that I can visual see, gives me a sense of accomplishment. Some projects may be organizing a stack of papers, but I look for any task that gives me 100% control.  As I complete each project the feeling of disarray diminishes, self-confidence builds, things get accomplished and I’m now performing at light speed, no goal in unachievable, no project is too big, I’m now known as the “Organizer”,  the Completer of Tasks.

Take control over disarray and work on things you have 100% control over.  Allow the feeling of confidence to build and the feeling of disarray to diminish.  You’ll find it easier to sleep at night when your not worrying about things you didn’t accomplish.