Is Your Facebook Image Secure?

Become security proactive with Facebook insures your image will not be compromised.

facebook securityWhen you’re the 3 largest country in the world you would expect to have some problems, after all utopia is a concept and not a reality. We don’t think of Facebook as a country, but, if we did the recourse and skills would rival any in existence. Like every country, we have good people willing to help and then we have the underbelly of society that seeks to cause havoc and swindler honest people.  We take percussion from these people by adding security systems, locking doors, password equipment and even go as far as micro chipping our pets. Yet, each day Facebook pages get hacked.

Distributed under the disguise that you posted these images and messages, hackers are desecrating your image. It may seem harmless, but if an image offends customers, families, and associated they may just unfriend you. No harm you say – if you want the last memory they will have of you or your business is offensive then you’re fine, but most rational people would not want to be remembered that way.

 Preventing this is not that difficult.

Historically most hackers come in through back doors and many of these “back doors” are free games or applets.  These traps look like great tools or a fun game, but actually are time bombs just waiting to take out an unexpected person who uses them. One way is to research the tool or game before download into your Facebook community.  If there are problems somebody is blogging about it.

Be smart with your security; check your settings.  In Facebook, verify that you are using a secure network.  Enable Security Browsing by going into your Account Settings, under Security and switching it to Enable. Make it difficult for hacker to break into your site, why keeping the window open, evenly unwanted intruders will enter.

Lastly, be creative with your passwords.  If you can memorize 26 letters of the alphabet in order, know your address and phone number for every house you lived in and can remember lyrics to a song, I think you would be smart enough to remember an eight to ten digit password.

For those who’ve not checked their Facebook page in months, you could have been hacked, spreading pornography and racial smears to others.  Best thing you can do if you are not using Facebook is go and deactivate your account, think of it as that credit card you will never use, best to destroy it so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

It’s your image; you need to be proactive and prevent it from be compromised.