Learning to Motivate my Kids

Children love to do what their parents do.  Are your actions motivating your kids to better themselves?

Wyatt quickly runs to his weights and lays them down in front of him.  Excitedly, he waits for the action to begin. It starts, and off he goes marching in place with dad, as they workout together.

Several months ago, I decided that it was time to take action and get back in shape. By many people’s standards I was not over weight, I’m just allowing the aging process to add additional weight.  So I did a little research on the Internet and I picked a workout that will help me achieve my goals.

The first day was like any workout that I done before except, my 1.5 year old son was working out with me. I never really worked out when my first son was born, now 3.5 years old.  Each day I change into my workout clothes and the boys quickly run and get their juice, 2 lb weights, and chair, anything they think they need for that day’s workout.

Carter my 3.5 year old, watches the workout video and every time the instructor praised the people working out in the video, he turns to me and mimics the encouragement. “Give me a hi-five dad. Good workout” he says. Just today he ran up to his room and grabbed his little plastic desk chair and brought it into the family room. Tossed his feet up on the seat and did an incline push up three times.

Now, my goal is not to create super athletes, but I would like for my kids to grow up healthy.  I know kids reflect parent’s values and habits.  If my personal goal of improving my health motivates them to appreciate hard work and exercise then hopefully they will become healthier and wiser in their lives.

Allow your kids to see how you achieve your goals and they will be in your corner cheering you on while learning how to achieve their goals and dreams.  Motivation, it starts with you.  Motivate by your action.