Listen to the Cheerleader

“Well done, good job, that a boy, high-five me, you did it” says your most dedicated fan.

We all have that person who’s standing by us no matter what we do.  Sometime they give us the advice like, continue your education or leave a party before it gets out of control.  Some of the advice is bad, like buy that stock, which went belly up.

Yet, it doesn’t matter what we do, they are there with us through-and-through. It is time to pay homage to them, look yourself in the mirror and tell your subconscious “thank you for believing in me.  I know I can be bigger and better like you tell me.  I just need to listen harder and believe in myself”.

When you believe it, you can do it; nothing will stop you from reaching your goal.

With every failure, you learn tenfold.  With every pat on the back you get stronger.  Today is the day that you accept your accolades and continue to do your very best.