Manage your Reputation

Manage your Image & Reputation using Yelp

 What is your Reptuation on Yelp?Do you realize Yelp is a service that allows customers to rank your business and leave a review of their experience has exceeded 15 million reviews?  As a business owner it is critical that you manage your image and reputation and to see what your clients are saying about your business in Yelp.

Recently, I did a search for a restaurant that I deal with and was surprise to read four reviews, two positive and two negative each posted in years past.  Yelp, listed the restaurant as not kid friendly, no takeout, no delivery and had dress attire incorrect.  Now, the pizza restaurant offers kids eat free with a balloon artist on Wednesday night; has a pickup window and a delivery service.  The reviews were void or incorrect of this information.  Therefore, it is imperative that business owner manage their reputation presented to the public.  Do not leave this task to an employee because their interested invested as short term compared to the owners reputation.

Actively managing your reputation is proactive marketing and needs to be done on a regular basis.  Promoting and encouraging satisfied customers to make testimonials and review of your business is a critical as fixing the problems address in the reviews.

With 15 million reviews, there is a lot of information to learn about your businesses, the competition, and the surrounding business that you deal with.  So jump on Yelp and do a quick search for your company and see how people are reviewing your service or product.

Do not forget to Google your name and see how search engines handle your reputation.