The Motivational Experience

What is The Magical Balloon-dude Dale Motivational Experience?

Imagine transforming a boring sales meeting or seminar into a colorful, artistic, and hilarious experience and educating them on how to rejuvenate their image and become more efficient at work and in life.  Create a can do spirit to renew, inspire, improve employees mental outlook and build better physical and socially activities using logical ideas to create a balanced approach between life, persona and work.

11 thoughts on “The Motivational Experience

  1. Dale is one of the BEST Chicago entertainers we employ! He is enterprising, energetic, talented, sincere, and very professional. He takes his balloon art to the highest level of creativity and is great with children AND adults!

  2. I was mesmerized by Dale and his creative balloons. He had both children and adults caught up in his magical art. He is sooo good with the littlest ones and us adults keep scratching our heads wondering HOW DID HE DO THAT?? Thumbs ups up for Dale! You gotta see what him in person!

  3. Dale is by far one of the most entertaining people you can bring to any function. Not only can he control the kids with his balloons but he is able to entertain the adults. I have used Dale for both personal and professional functions and there has not been a party/even yet that I have not had people call me and ask for his number to set an appointment. My son will be 12 this year and still wants Dale at his parties. Dale is the BEST, just ask my kids!!!

  4. Dale is fantastic! He has a great personality and an amazing craft. I have never seen anyone work with balloons like he does. He puts all other balloon artists to shame! He was the hit of the celebration!

  5. I found you to be very enjoyable to watch and talk with. My son really did enjoy the time that he did get to spend with your act and talked about it all day. I really appreciate the talents you have and the professional manner you carry while dealing with the kids in your audience.

    Thank you and have a blessed day!

    Melissa Gibbons
    Forecast Customer Service

  6. Dale matched us up with Angel who was a fantastic addition to my son’s first birthday party. His incredible caricature artwork was a huge hit with the kids and parents, but it was Angel’s wonderful kid-friendly attitude that was the icing on the cake. He even does an Elmo impression that had the kids looking around for the little red monster!
    Thanks Dale!
    J Aaron

  7. Dale is awesome. I have never seen anything like his creations. The kids enjoyed him, and his presence at my daughter’s 1st birthday, was very much appreciated. I would definately use Dale again at our parties!!
    Thanks again Dale!!!!

  8. Working with Dale was great, from the moment he arrived at our house. We had over 18 children (and more adults) and each was mesmerized with each balloon creation. I recommend Dale for any party. A big thumbs up!

  9. Dale is great! We had him at both of our sons 1st birthday parties. The kids are always entertained by his magical creations!! Fun for all! I highly recommend having him! Thanks again Dale!

  10. Dale was great to work with and everyone enjoyed watching him do some amazing balloon creations. The kids LOVED having him at the party. I would recommend Dale highly.

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