Monday’s, Starting off a New Work Week

Monday’s are the breakfasts that fuel the week.

Did you feed your mind this Monday morning? Did you get yourself a good cup of hot coffee, read a spiritual passage, belly up to the breakfast table for a hot meal or did you instantly look for dome and gloom this Monday morning.

You know what I’m talking about; you put on the “cheerful” morning news, instantly check your email for problems, going to Facebook to reading about a friend’s exotic vacation. No wonder you don’t like Mondays.

Monday’s are the days that I plan my week. It sets the pace for the entire week.  Some people start off walking and then try to sprint to the end of the week only to collapse in exhaustion from the stress of life.  Remember the saying; a steady pace will win the race.  That’s what Mondays are for, to set the pace of the week.

Who says you cannot have a fun planning your week.  Make Monday’s about setting the tone for the entire week.  Have a hot breakfast, listen to your favorite music, and take time out in the morning to mentally plan  your week and do not forget to plan the fun stuff too.

Do not burn yourself out, plan luncheons with friends, kids play dates, business meetings, see yourself completing your daily tasks, and plan the needed “me time” into your schedule. Then sit back and listen to all the people complaining about Monday’s. You will soon learn Monday’s aren’t that bad after all.