Motivational Kills

The things that stop you from achieving your goals.

Every year millions of people make resolutions to improve and make their life better.  Too often we fail at these because of motivational killers.  What’s a motivational killer you ask?  For years, I wanted to work out and it never failed that as I mentally prepared myself and started the program, I came down with a cold.  The cold was the motivational killer.  It would linger for weeks and by the time I was 100% again, I was so unmotivated to work out that it became a passing thought.

Technology can be a motivational killer.  Each year people upgrade their phone and a new learning curve is created.  After all, it took you two years to learn all the functions on the old phone and now you have the  state of the art phone that allows thousands of apps to be downloaded and implemented needs to be learned. Organization as we once new it will not be the same for at least another six months to a year.

Increasing expenses, mortgage, higher food bills, and house repairs along with a bad economy takes away from finances that were going for pay for new projects.   Not only does this unmotivate us , but we become depressed by the situation that we find ourselves in financially.

How to overcome motivational killers

The key to motivation is to be committed 100% to the idea.  If your goal is to work out and a cold detours you from doing the physical activity; realize that part of working out will be taking supplements and changing your eating habits.  Start working on your eating habits and when you’re ready for the physical work out your diet will be in place.

Technology and bad economy can be controlled but at a cost.  No one says you have to buy the newest and greatest phone.  Your old phone may have you more organized than any of the new phones on the market.  Financial planning is just that… planning for the future.  Be it good or bad we have to prepare pair ourselves for the outcome.  Seek out a professional financial planner and learn how to prepare your financial future.

Motivational killers only stop us from achieving our goals when we allow them too.  Overcome these obstacles and keep focus on the prize.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, it happened over years.  Consistently building upon your goals and you will stay motivated all the way to the end.