Not in Hollywood

Drugs, sex scandals, racial smears, indecent exposure and assault charges are all linked to Hollywood stars and yet after all their misgivings they clean up their act and all is forgiven.  Their careers take a little hit, but go right back to their star status symbol.  This is not true for people outside Hollywood in the real business world or in life.

Your image is fragile and rebuilding it takes work and sometimes money.  Unlike celebrities that hire PR firms, do some charity work, blame a mental disorder, and makes a public apology for this incentive behavior is then on an award show receiving accolades. This luxury of forgiveness and acceptance is not at our disposal waiting for us to spray on like cheap cologne.

Once known as a procrastinator, racist, foul mouth incentive jerk, that image of you stays with people.  You can awaken one morning, look into the mirror, and tell yourself that you are a changed person. Proving to your family, friends, and co-workers that you are changing does not instantly change their image of you.

It is best to manage your image as if as a PR firm manages is handling your career.  You want the world to see you at your best, and not at your dumbest. After all, were not in Hollywood star who can promote his own traveling sideshow and still have people buying tickets.