Only as Young as Your Mind

“You’re only as young as your mind allows you to be” is a comment an assistant of Tony Horton’s 90M workout videos miss states.  Tony was looking for spine not mind, but there is some validity truth in the first statement – You’re only as young as your mind allows you to be.

Children have an unbound creative imagination.  They make up games, stories, and physics and logic have no boundaries.  Corporations create think tanks or have brainstorming sessions in hopes of creating or solving a problem.  Off the wall ideas are presented as a logical solution, no ideas is stupid or impossible to achieve.

As we age, common sense takes over and narrows our vision.  Until our vision is so narrow we cannot think outside the proverbial box. Dreams that seamed achievable are now out of your reach . . . only because you think they are. Expanding your mind keeps you active. Activity is part of keeping youthful. Therefore, an active mind equals youth; youth gives you the ability to dream. World knowledge and experience achieved over the years allows you to accomplish those dreams.  So keep your mind young and dream.