Organization Helps an Image

Sync Outlook with Google Calendar and Improve Organization and Your Image

Organization helps your imageLong gone are the dedicated intercom systems linking directly to the efficient secretary whose organization duties were to maintain our business and personal appointments. Nowadays, we are the secretary, efficiency is questionable, but schedule makers we are. We don’t have anybody to blame for missing an appointment except ourselves, which tardiness or missing appointments reflects badly on an image. With the advancement of computers in the work place and smart phones becoming an extension of ourselves; it becomes important that we keep up with technology that improves efficiency and organization.

Google makes many free tools for the business person to be keeping connected, but one tool that helps improve organization and scheduling is Google Sync.  Google Sync is a free software application that allows a person to synchronize their Microsoft Outlook to their Google Calendar.  Synchronize calendars can be tricky if not impossible, due to the simple fact that competing companies don’t like interfacing with each other.  Microsoft is one of those companies that make it difficult to share information outside of its software applications.  Google bridges the gap and makes it very simple to sync Outlook to Google calendars.

Advantages of syncing the two calendars allows users to use their MS Outlook at work (standard in most companies), to sync it to their Google calendar.  Once sync, you can now manage is your calendar online or through your Android smart phone.

Google sync allows users to make changes on both calendars (online or smart phone) and share calendars between co-works, spouses, or allows you to maintain multiple calendars. Changes in Outlook will reflect in your Google calendar and vice versa.  No more missing the kid’s baseball game, birthday parties, or business meetings.

Organized calendars allows you to show up to scheduled events and dramatically improve an image.  So my advice is to seek out automation that interfaces with your existing technology and allow it to organize your schedule, which intern helps your image.