Organization put me Ahead of my Competition

Disorganization, the down fall of many motivated people – don’t let this be you.

Where did I put that?  A question we all have asked ourselves. Notes are scattered all over the desk, written on the back of envelopes, torn scraps of paper lay lifeless on the ground behind our desk waiting to be discovered, vital information lost forever.  Disorganization is the down fall of many motivated people who are trying to achieve a business goal.  We have this self image that we are an organizational savant who can memorize where everything is buried in a stack of papers piled knee high. However, when it comes time to find it – we spend precious minutes to hours looking for the information.

To be successful, we must learn to use technology to help organize information we gather in our lives and business. The time for waiting is over. With the invention of the PC, Smartphone’s and the Internet one can quickly and efficiently become as organized as Donald Trump, without the Personal Assistant.

Computers now outnumber the number of TV’s in the average home, giving us the capabilities to organize information using databases, contact management and CRM software. These applications allow for easier data maintenance, communication, and retrieval of information, giving us better opportunities to make better business decisions.

Email software includes contact address books — allowing us to collect business and personal information quickly and easily. There is no reason why you should not have a client’s current personnel or business information in your email system, unless you are just to lazy to input the data.

If you are a business person and don’t have a Smartphone (review of Smartphone’s) then your competition will kick your butt! By using a Smartphone you can carry all your contract information with you.  Now you may say, “I don’t need that; I can call them back later.” I know when I was shopping on the phone for a product or services and I get a voice mail; many times I don’t leave a message and just move on to the next person on the list.  Do you do that?  Your competitors with the Smartphone’s, simply answers, retrieves the data needed from their phone and answers the client’s questions.  In the client’s eyes, this person is a winner because they not only answered the phone, but had the data to answer their question(s).

Brainstorming is a major component in business.  Successful people are always on the outlook for new ideas and marketing material.  Imagine you are walking in a store and you see some very clever, high paid advertisement strategy that you like and can adapt to your own business. You pull out your Smartphone take a picture of the display, open up evernote – clip the picture into a new note, type in your thoughts and on you go.  Later back in the office, you sync your Smartphone with your computer and you start your brainstorming using a mind mapping software.  You import your notes and the way you go developing a killer advertising program.

Once you get the data digital you can manipulate it, store it and retrieve it instantly.  This allows you to become more productive, better informed and gives you the key information when you need it. Learn to let technology improve your business and reach your business goals faster.  I can guarantee your competitor is doing it.  Get motivated and organize you data and become efficient in your business and daily life.

Do you have an organizational tool that you would recommend for somebody trying to organized their business and personal life?