Park District Summer Camp Staff Training

 The Mind Thinking of Summer Camp Staff

Summer Camp Staff

• Management needs to understand; this is only a part-time job; it’s not my career.

• I’m a great communicator, and I text all the time.

• Work ethics – I get my stuff done.

• HR hired me, so I must be qualified.

• My mom is a teacher – so I know what I’m doing.

• Parents are needy, drop your kids off and give us money and go away.

 The reality is . . .

  • The professional image varies, with a few constant factors.
  • Branding a professional image is a low priority on many part-time staff employees.
  • Money, fun, and getting out of the house are priorities, not career advancement.
  • Professional image skills are a learned process.
  • Better interpersonal skill builds a better relationship with loyal customers.

Dale has been on the front lines as a professional entertainer who deals directly with the general public. “Professional image, common sense, and interpersonal skills are what is needed when dealing with parents,” says Obrochta.

Early in his career, Obrochta learned image and customer service are what make or breaks a company. “Image and customer service go hand-in-hand and must be in line with how the park is branding its message to the community,” says Obrochta

30-Minute Keynote:
The Twisted Image of Customer Service

•  Attention  •   Message  •  Education  

Park District Staff Training done by Dale Obrochta

The administrator is busy prepping for the next segment of the training. In the background, your ears detect a balanced presentation between a professional consultant and a good-humored entertainer. Camp staff is fixated on the hands of the visual artist, Dale Obrochta. Twirling and twisting, a red air-filled tube transforms into customized art, and you hear four major image points being addressed. Your Summer staff will learn about image and customer service and why these are important in a fun, creative presentation.

 Your staff will learn . . .

  • The importance of Image Perception and how it relates to product brand
  • How an individual’s actions communicate to others
  • Establishing a rapport builds relationships
  • Creating an influential business culture reflects positively on an organization.

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5-stars “Dale’s speech was fun, educational, and beneficial to my full-time staff.”  Anna Paszkiet – Bridgeview Park Rec. Coordinator.