Perception it’s a Mind Game

Perceptions, don’t let them keep you from Archiving your Goals.


Perception it can be moreThe inside sales staff perception of the world is controlled by their communication limitations.   Tethered to a phone, computer, and the surrounding equipment they struggle to achieve goals set by management.  Many will seek to reach the goals while others fall short and blame the tools at their disposal.   They perceive the newest smart phone will enhance their greatness and make them efficient, but forget with any new device the learning curve is steep.  Overwhelmed by the changes they quickly wish for their old ways and look upon the new ones as the reason they cannot achieve their goals.  No matter what you perception is of your equipment, good or bad, it is up to you to envision that you can achieve any goal with whatever tool is at your disposal.  Because, the greatest tool at your disposal is you and your ability to adapt, improve, and overcome.  And if all else fails, read the manual, it just may change your perception on what you’re doing.