Podcast Interviews

Monday Morning Coffee with Tim Patterson

May 11, 2020


Covid-19 – Real People, Real Solutions
Hosted by Michael Spermulli

May 6, 2020


Topic Discussion: How Change has Forced the Entertainers to Learn Information

The Trials of Learning with Dale Obrochta and Dustin Miller [The Polymath PolyCast]
Watch on Youtube.
MAY 5, 2020

Topic Discussion: How Covid-19 Created an Entertainer to do Common Sence Home-Schooling.

Dale Obrochta – Common Sense Home-Schooling
APRIL 26, 2020

Jesse Lewis Show

Topic Discussion: How Entertainers Shifting to Virtual Show or Becoming a Virtual Show Host.
APRIL 24, 2020

Restaurant Entertainment

Topic Discussion: How to us Profiling when Meeting a Customer.
FEBRUARY 15, 2019

The Jam Room Podcast – 84

Topic Discussion: Balloon Entertainment
JAN 5, 2018

Trade Show Guy – Monday Morning Coffee

MAY 15, 2017

WGN TV – Morning New

MARCH 19, 2008