Positive Outlook Starts Within

Starting the day off positively is contagious and spreads throughout the office, revitalize everyone you meet and you will reduce the daily stress of life. Don’t be that annoying bubbly person that everyone want to kills in the office, but be positive in your outlook. Each day entering the office should start with a warm felt hello, a big smile and a positive complement. All negative thoughts are purged from your head, only positive thoughts are allowed. You need to see the positive side of every story and exploit those things to motivate others.

For example, a company Facebook page has many negative responses – many of the complaints reflect more on the company distributing the products then the product itself.  With each negative posting is a full detail response to the problem and solution or how to resolve the problem posted by a manufactures representative.  People who are negative or in an irritable mood will focus all this energy on how to improve distributors disputes, but realize this is out of their control. They can make demands or requests of their distributors and their management may ignore or not have the capabilities to handle the problems. What needs to be explored is how well the company responds to customers complaints, how efficient the complaint department handles these complaints and how well the address each issues.

Keeping positive allows you to focus your energy on things you can control and see each problem clearly. Bring a positive attitude to work and it will rub off on others and a happy office will be more productive and happier in the long run.