Resistance to Change

I, like most people, have some resistance to change. Resistance can hinder improvement just because it involves work.   This year I decided to move my blog to a new web site.  This involved some research on 1) How to do this and 2) Making the time to do it.

Transferring the information from one site to another was not difficult. To do this only took minutes. However, the resistance to do this was strong.  In my mind, this was going to be a monumental task, taking up massive amount of time, but in reality, it wasn’t.  If fact it was fairly simple.

Yet, resistance held me back.  I found reasons why not to work on the blog. Yet as each day went on a voice deep inside my head keep saying, “It’s time to write again”. As days turned to weeks, the voice became clearer with new ideas and thought emerged. Even so, I did not have a place to write them.  I could put them in the old blog, but that just seamed futile.  I would just have to re-post it on the new site later. Resistance was telling me to “do nothing”.  So that’s what I did. I let resistance win.

Days went by and the guilt set in knowing that I had the abilities to move the data and the time.  So why was I letting resistance win.  Resistance never advances a person; it just holds them back from reaching their goal.  My goal is simple, to help people improve their image.  Yet, this cannot happen unless I fight resistance and move the blog.

So today, I concord resistance, in fact you can say, “I kicked its teeth in”.  Not only did I successfully  move the blog, re-registering users, but also made the time to write this blog entry.  Resistance may have slowed me down, but perseverance will keep me going.