Sales Force Social Media Woo’s

Is your sales force lacking social media skills?

Sales Force Social MediaIn today’s business culture companies are discouraging sales force from using social media, but yet they want their sales force social media savvy about its marketing potential.  Social media is a double ended sword – you have to allow your sales force to experience it and use it for them to become efficient with its working. But, companies do not trust their employee’s work ethics enough to allow them to fully reap the benefits of social marketing. Instead they lock down social media outlets and handcuff their sales force.

Haven’t businesses learned anything from past technology?  How many IT Managers were told to block employee access to Internet weather channels, sports websites, financial trading sites, and prevent the misuse of corporate email jokes being circulated. Many IT Managers tossed on a filter and they were done.

A simply solution is to educate your sales force on what social media is and how it should be used in business.  Invest in their education and remove the filters and let the full potential of your sales force grow.