See Life a Little Clearer will Increases Your Happiness

The daunting task of driving to and from work can become mind numbing day after day.  If you live in the Midwest, winter days can be overcast and bleak.  We all clamor for a warm day where we can crank-down the driver’s window of the car and just let the breeze whisk past our face.  Looking out the open window is like getting a brand new set of glasses.  Everything is bright, vibrant and crystal clear.

Looking through life with a dirty windshield plastered in front of your face creates a bleak outlook on life.  We need to stop and take the time to clear our vision.  This is not a metaphor for some deep thought process – I mean go out and clean your car windshield.   Something as simple as cleaning your cars windows will give you a different perceptive on life.  The sun will beat down on your face; you will notice minor details that would have passed you by and you will feel happier.  Then look at the car next to you. You will see another human being looking bleak, disgruntled, and dredging the traffic ahead.  When you pass them by, you notice in your rear view mirror that they are looking at life though a dirty windshield.