Listening Diminishes Stress

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Simply Listening Diminishes Stress
While Improving Your Health & Relationships

The AMA reported that in the past 5 years, 44% of Americans have an increase in psychological stress.

Stress_Over_Past_5_YearsAmerican Psychological Association Data

With the American economy focused on healthcare, it is our responsibility to improve our lives by reducing stress-causing factors that lead to heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, headaches, and depression.
I will give you simple techniques to reduce stress and improve communication with family and co-workers.

Props: After 30 years as a professional entertainer, I incorporate balloon art into my presentation.

Celebrities Who Are Active Listeners

  • Arsenio Hall
  • Conan O’Brien
  • Jimmy Fallon

B.E.E. – Formula for Active Listening Stress Reduction

BBody, how we stand, sit, and express ourselves
E – Eye contact show respect and attention
E – Ears need to focus on the message, allowing the brain to pick up tones and inflections to better interpret the message.

Dale educates business professionals on how to improve one’s self smartly and effortlessly, while creating an unpoppable image. As a professional entertainer, entrepreneur, and motivator, Dale Obrochta understands the importance of image perception from both an individual and corporate perspective.

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