Short Hours, Big Pay

The dream of making lavish amounts of money is lost when people actually look how people have achieved their wealth. Rock stars spend countless hours practicing and playing at bars that pay nothing, movie stars work multiple jobs before they get their first “real” acting part.  Lawyers, Doctors, and many other professions have invested hundreds, if not thousands of hours learning their careers and once they do, reap the wealth that goes with these positions.

The secret of making an insane hourly wage is time you spend learning your craft while not getting paid. Self education, practice, the willingness to keep advancing and becoming a specialist is what creates lavish hourly wages. Simply doing a job and not acquiring more skills is a sure way to flat line your income. At this point, the only way to increase your income is to work more hours at the same pay which is the contrary of working short hours, for big pay.

It doesn’t matter what profession you choose in life you can always advance your skills.  The more you invest in them, the more people will pay for them.

Note:  Earning an advanced degree doesn’t insure higher income.  Community work, research, writing, and reading can enhance your SKILLS.  Real life experience is the best learning you can achieve and the hardest.