Social Media Blur

It seems we hunger for more interaction with every social network we join. We grow the network by family, friends, co-workers, clients and people who we’ve just met. Each network is built for a purpose and as their popularity grows, so too are the applications that interconnect these media’s.  Once we mix the communities it is like bringing the boss to meet your high school friends, your weekend drinking buddies are chitchatting with your clients, and don’t forget the foul-mouth nephew that likes to send you those whacked out posts talking with your priest.

The image we share with the world be it intelligent, creative, ignorant, racist, or plain out idiotic is for all to see. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is a marketing ploy, is not reality.  Connecting us all are invisible wires that broadcast across all networks what we say and do.

So if you don’t want your clients to see you as a child sitting on a toilet, do not include them in the community that your mother resides in.  If you want to shoot the bull with your friends, make sure you not doing in the community your boss is LinkedIn too.  Better yet, reduce your socializing and get to bed earlier will ensure your vision isn’t blurred.