The Competitive Answer

Have you found somebody or something that awakens your competitiveness? Somebody who stimulates your creative juices? Whose actions cause ideas to pop into your head and challenges you subconsciously to improve?  You look at their work and see improvements to your own designs. You read their blogs and you try to emulate their charisma into your own writing.  The people you admire are successful individuals in another profession and you work to replicate their success into your industry.

Replication is the key to success. People model themselves after successful people and avoid the models that fail.  People desperately try to replicate Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or Steve Jobs success. Some will tell you it is like catching lighting in a bottle, it’s impossible. Yet, the dreamers of the world are saying, “It’s not impossible. I just haven’t figured out the solution.” They understand the visionaries of the world didn’t allow limitations to impede their dreams; they challenged their ideas and found a solution.

The possibilities are endless. Just get your competitive juices flowing and an answer will present itself.