The Excuse: “I am too busy”

I'm too busyI am too busy to exercise.
I am too busy to read.
I am too busy to have a hobby.
I am too busy to take a vacation.
I am too busy to learn all the functions on my Smartphone.
I am too busy to write a blog.
I am too busy to work for a charity.
I am too busy to join a community club.
I am too busy to play with my children.
I am too busy to learn new things.
I am too busy not improving myself or advancing my career.

There is not a person in the world that is not busy doing something, just that some people have learned the secret to success… scheduling time for yourself. If you do not schedule some time for yourself, you are just going to be too busy to do anything. Schedule 1-hour a day for yourself and do the things that you claim you are too busy to do. You will find out how rewarding these tasks are once you build them into your schedule.

Moreover, think about this, there are people who are so busy that they could not take 5-mintues to read this blog and improve themselves, but will spend 5-minutes waiting in line for a cup of coffee.