The Importance of Clarity

The Importance of Phone Clarity when Communicating Critical Information

Phone clarity reflects on your imageConsumers demand more clarity from televisions, video cameras, computer monitors and even our portable devices like the i Pads, are not excluded from the criticism when it come to clarity. Yet this morning, a high ranking representative from the teachers union was trying to generate public support after the newly appointed school board denied the teachers an approved negotiated pay increase.  Throughout the 3-minute interview her cell phone kept breaking up, information was lost and eventually the newscasters broke off the interview because the communication became one-sided.

We have become accustomed to drop calls, echoes, and bad connections with cell phones that we just accept it.  Heaven forbid if the NFL game is blurry or we can’t watch the movie in HD with surround sound.  We’ve tossed out the old VHS players and now only watching movies on the Blu-ray. Yet, when we need to relay critical information over the phone we choose a cell phone and all the problems they have with providing crystal clear clarity.  We make excuses for bad reception; hurry calls because of battery loss, and make ourselves look silly scurrying around trying to find the best phone reception.

Would it not be simpler to pick up the dedicated phone line and make that important call?  No need to find a quiet place, no excuse of “my battery is running low”, no miscommunications of important facts because of noise, distortion, or echoes.

When your reputation is on the line to communicate ideas, facts, or critical data, take a minute to clarify which communication devices will put you at your best.  The importance is in the message being communicated, not the portability of communication device.