The Past is not the Future

Granddad was a barrel maker at the Chicago Stock Yards; Dad worked at American Can then moved from the factory line to office cubical. Your cubical is more of a mobile command center with multiple software Apps connecting you to clients around the world. The companies that your ancestors have worked at no long exists and you wonder how long it will be before technology transforms your industry into a thing of the past.

Politicians stand on their soap boxes preaching how we need to return to the past and do what made us great. Visionary’s boast of new technology making life easier, safer and more profitable.  The public wants it all; the past of glory and the ease of technology.  The luxury of going back in time is not possible, but truss upon is new technology.  Long gone are the days of jobs for life, the security of knowing that a day’s hard work guarantees a paycheck, and a college degree will give you financial prosperity.

We live in the future where creativity, self assurance and opportunity lay in front of us.  We have the ability to work for the worlds greats buggy whip company, knowing our days are numbered or do you venture in to a competitive market fighting to be developed?

Competitive companies fight for every customer and steal away talented people to help grow this newly forming industry.  This industry may not be easy to explain, like a wooden barrel, but you’re assuring yourself a fighting chance that the business will be here for your career.  And what will your kids do?  Who knows, but it is going to be a totally different work experiences then yours. . . that is a guarantee.