The Twisted Windy City

Your audience will add more wind as they laugh and learn about Chicago’s Windy City and its unique historical charters, architecture, and business people who’ve shaped the great city.  Woven together in a comedic balloon presentation that is as unique as Chicago’s streets and its political leaders.

The Chicago story about famous cows, scare-faced gangsters, and politicians (which seem to keep winding up in jail) is the fascinating tidbits that will have your audience laughing, learning, and loving Chi-Town.

You will hear the Midwest twang, local phrases, and why out-of-towners love coming to Wriggle to see its famous ivy-covered walls and eat its deep-dish pizza.  From selecting Chicago as your next convention site or hosting an IL convention, let Dale weave the Twisted Windy City story that will have your audience excited to be in Chicago.

Let’s give your audience a whirlwind tour of Chicago like no other presentation can offer.