The Yin and Yang of Positive Images

Positive Images creates Winning Results

Positive images it's Yin & Yang of winning resultsI know doing standing side-lunges are good to build core strength and works the legs, but it is the one part of my daily workout I just want to fast-forward through. Organizing the basement is tedious and not fun or as my son would say when cleaning up his room “it’s boring”.  We all have things we just don’t want to do for many excuses, but we create a negative image to the chore which makes it harder to accomplish.

My four year old son will spend more time crying, standing in the bad boy corner, and getting yelled at for not pickup his toys. The energy spent not doing it is more than if he just picked up his toys.

Create a positive image in your head about the project.  There is a yin and yang to everything and it is our job to focus on the positive image.  Things we like to do we accelerate at and cannot wait to jump into it and get our hands dirty.  A positive image is a winning image.

Tips on how enhance your positive images and improve results.

  1. Add music – music is a natural pick-me-up mood enhancer and will help make the task not as boring.
  2. Relaxing breaths – take a five to six big relaxing breath before doing a project. Breathing will help relax muscles and increase your focus.
  3. Drink water – The body needs water and being hydrate will ensure your body and mind are physically ready to take on the task.
  4. Imagine what the project will look like when competed.  Visualizing the completed project will make you feel better knowing there is an end to the project.
  5. Work with somebody who likes and has a positive image about the project.  Allow some of their enthusiasm to rub off on you.  You just may learn to like the things you dislike.